Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi guys! Welcome you all to my's blog!

Hi guys! I am TENGSERN. How are you all? Hope you all are fine! Thank you all so much for coming to my's blog, I really appreciate it, thank you all!
What you all like to do? I like to decorate cakes, play guitar, listen to music, & many other things, haha!
I like to decorate cakes since I was a kid! Cake decorating is so fun! I like it so much! I attended a baking course & a cake decorating course before, the 2 courses are so fun! I learn a lot of things from the 2 courses!
Attending those 2 courses was like a dream comes true to me, because I like to decorate cakes since I was a kid!
After completing those courses, i began to create some cake decorations that are of my style, It’s very EXCITING to create your own cake decorations! Haha!
One of my favorite things in cake decorating is buttercream Rose piping! It’s so special & fun! I like to pipe buttercream Rose so much! I really fall in love with buttercream rose piping!
I like to play guitar too, especially electric guitar! Wow, the sound is so great! My favorite guitarists are Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jimi Hendrix, Paul Gilbert, Slash & many other great guitarists! They are so good in their guitar playing, each of them have their own unique style! We have to practice our guitar day & night if we want to become great like them! haha!
Welcome to explore all the things on my website , & I hope you all will like my website! Thank you all once again! Have a nice day!

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